Hey there,



I’ve talked so much about not rushing into February, if you follow me on social media you must have been tired of me. Lol. I can be a pest sometimes.

February is upon us and its another 28 days of making magic and its exactly four weeks. How hard will you push? Will you wait for this short month to end because of the paycheck or will you make it worth remembering by doing the right things and smashing the right goals?

Think deeply on these things.

January taught me a lot, let me share:

It was BEAUTIFIED. I smashed so many goals. I learnt to be LED and to obey promptly.  I learnt not to think less of myself. I learnt to come up fully into all that God has planned for me and be all he wants me to be.

It was A HUGE TRANSITIONING FOR ME. I moved and it was scary as I got lost sometimes and couldn’t find my way. Battery dead. No google map. Nobody cares. Individualistic environment. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, he’s legit the best navigator.

It was CHALLENGING. I started my blog, third post btw haha. I finally did my fashion line’s first photo shoot which you should watch out for (The Chayil Woman(TCW)). I faced my fear about modelling and got in front of a camera. Was introduced to an amazing graphics designer and CANVA (my new bestie) and they have just been amazing.

It was NETWORKING AND DIVINELY ORDAINED. I knew that there were heights that I wanted to reach this year, in diverse areas. I needed to find someone who was doing what I wanted to do and had achieved tremendous success in it because I knew that it was possible considering my many passions and I was led to Shanyi.

I have known Shanyi since 2015. I met her in Becoming 2.0 organised by my mama, Funto Ibuoye. I have been following her since then. There was a time last year when I was offline, so I guess I missed a lot of happenings in her life. Early this year, I stumbled on her blog and read all that she achieved last year. You can read it too here. I was like YASSS, this is what I’m talking about. Also, on her blog, I found a list of her 2018 goals and I’m like go girl!! You can also read that here.

I found her Whatsapp number after reading her other blog posts and sent her a message ASAP. She responded. It has been amazing ever since. We have not fully started the mentoring process but I’m fired up because I don’t want to be a lazy mentee. I want my mentor to be proud of me. SHANYI IS GOALS.

Yeah, so that’s it.

How did your January go, what goals did you smash and what are your plans for February?

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Have a very chilled February guys,