Are you really sure you want January to end?



Hi everyone,

This is my first post here….yipppeeee!!!!

I’m glad that I’m finally doing this. So proudĀ  of me.

Let’s get straight to our topic for today.

I’ve seen so many posts, comments and status updates complaining about the length of January, how it is the longest month ever, blah, blah, blah. It’s been really funny tho. It has also been thought provoking too. Just one quick question…

Are you done achieving all you set out to do this month? Do you want January to end because you need an excuse to stop all the fasts(lol)? Are you really fine with how far the first few weeks of the year have gone? Do you need another fresh start to begin your new year resolutions AGAIN? Why Why Why? or the most ironic reason of them all, do you somehow believe that “better” things are ahead of you when you have not put any effort into ensuring that those “better” things come your way??

I really need to know why we want the month to end quickly, like seriously. I’m one for taking things as they come, planning, strategizing, executing plans, sometimes the hours fly so fast and I’m like January don’t go. I hadn’t written my first blog post for the year so January cannot end yet ooh.

This is for you.

Think on these things.

Eccl 3:1- For everything there is a time and a season of activity under heaven.

Don’t rush the process.

From Daddy’s heart to you,


Heading out of January like….